Building on Diversification: The Visionary Leadership of Fred Mohammed in Crane Trucks R Us

In the dynamic landscape of the transport and logistics industry, the crane truck segment often operates under the radar. However, in Queensland, this sector has seen a surge in activity and competitiveness, driven by the state’s ongoing infrastructure and mining development. At the forefront of this thriving industry is Fred Mohammed, the visionary leader and head of Crane Trucks R Us (CTRU).

A Journey of Entrepreneurship

Fred Mohammed’s journey began as a plumber, and over the years, he ventured into diverse businesses, ranging from plumbing and printing to transport and driver training. His entrepreneurial spirit came to the fore when he founded Hypo Couriers in 2001, later rebranding it to Crane Trucks R Us in 2009.

In a strategic move, Fred Mohammed identified an opportunity to provide specialized transport services for steel reinforcing after losing a contract and having six excess trucks. This decision marked the beginning of CTRU’s significant presence in major projects, starting with the Airport Link Tunnel.

Core Business and Diversification

Today, CTRU’s core business revolves around providing crane trucks for both wet and dry hire. The company’s services span heavy haulage, steel and reinforcing materials transport, timber hauling, machinery relocation, and warehouse equipment lifting. Recognizing the importance of diversification, Fred Mohammed has expanded the company’s offerings to include skills training, line haul services, warehousing, and storage.

The Right Equipment for Success

According to Fred Mohammed, the key to CTRU’s success lies in having the right equipment for every job. The extensive fleet, consisting of over 200 pieces of equipment, includes rigid and semi-trailers equipped with cranes. The fleet’s diversity, featuring brands like Isuzu, Hino, MAN, DAF, Volvo, Kenworth, and Iveco, reflects CTRU’s commitment to approaching each project from the customer’s point of view.

Involvement in Major Projects

CTRU has played a pivotal role in various major projects, including the Gateway and Ipswich Motorway upgrades, Darling Downs Power Station construction, Amberley RAAF base upgrade, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, and the ongoing construction of the Legacy Way tunnel in Brisbane. Notably, CTRU transported over 350,000 tonnes of steel during the preliminary construction phase of the Northern Busway and Airport Link tunnel.

A Growing and Diversifying Future

Overshadowed by the mining boom, the crane truck segment has evolved into a sizable market in its own right, thanks to entrepreneurs like Fred Mohammed. Beyond infrastructure and construction, CTRU now offers transport solutions for mining and gas construction, industrial projects, rental services, and government organizations.

Fred Mohammed’s forward-thinking approach is evident in the establishment of new divisions under the Freight Logistics R Us banner, including Tranzhire R Us, Warehousing R Us, Linehaul R Us, and Skills R Us—a registered training organization. This diversification ensures that CTRU remains a one-stop-shop for various service applications.

Recognition and Future Growth

Fred Mohammed’s commitment to excellence and growth has earned him and the company recognition. Nominated for prestigious awards such as the Ernst and Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ and the ‘Young Achiever of the Year’ at the Victorian Freight Awards, Fred Mohammed remains focused on sustainable growth. Looking ahead, CTRU aims for steady growth of 100 to 200 percent over the next 18 months.

In an industry where safety and professionalism are paramount, Fred Mohammed and Crane Trucks R Us stand out as leaders, not just crane truck operators but true professionals offering specialized and safe transport solutions.

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